I didn’t know Vanessa Marquez so when I saw that she was killed by police I read the article that painted a grim picture of having once been a familiar face on tv (ER amongst others) she was now disabled by mental and physical illnesses. Apparently the landlord called the police to check on her welfare (by now we all know that’s an obviously stupid mistake as a person going towards a suspected intruder and saying hello but I digress) and she had seizures when the police came. Somehow she got a hold of a bb gun which she pointed at the cops who then let the bullets fly.

I realized that celebrities are like zoo animals. We fawn and fall all over them only because they’re in a position we wish we were. The moment they step aside from that spot, they’re discarded or worse, degraded and humiliated. People may use the same arguments they use in favour of keeping wild animals in zoos; if they are fed and clothed and loved what’s the problem? The problem is the spirit isn’t nurtured by attention. And it’s not only good attention. Once someone does anything out of the character we assigned they play (irl) we use that spotlight to lynch them. We bully celebrities, congregate around huge platforms in the millions, where we pick apart people we feel entitled to because they got money to somehow offset the emotional and psychological wounds.

Every time I see a celebrity or royalty (had so much anxiety when Meghan Markle was getting married because I was imagining the suffocation of being practically a royal property) I feel a genuine sadness and compassion because they of all people aren’t allowed to feel down, so when they inevitably do it’s like.. shut up and count your money. It’s an emotional slavery and the worst part because it’s the epitome of success in our age. The person has reached the top of the hierarchy so whatever growth or search they have left in their souls will have to be numbed and suppressed.

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