Proxima centauri

I’m not hard to please, I’m just not impressed by generic gestures and dramatic actions. I’m very simple; I see integrity – I’m all yours. But see.. that’s the tricky part.

I don’t judge people according to a preset standard. I meet them where they are ; I’m just interested in connecting. But when someone isn’t internally congruent, when they interact through a cloud of deception that they think they’ll outwit me by, when they can’t hold space for an alternate interpretation of events and rush to projecting and judging, I’m turned all the way off. That kind of person is resistant to my consciousness penetrating their being and therefore they put up all kinds of blocks. I used to make it my business to gently help people unpack that so that they wouldn’t be scared of me but then I learnt that it’s not fair on me to have to disarm others. So I just stay clear where my energy is resisted.

I notice and appreciate the slightest of things. I know when my 4 year old nephew has had a new experience because he tries to put words to an image in his head. I know when my grandma is feeling down, because she starts complaining of stomach ache and becomes a picky eater. I know what someone is going through by the change of content they reblog. I know the collective existential fear of a nation by their conservative political rhetoric.

I close my eyes and I can see dimensions across the plain and yet, no one to share my visions with. Maybe I’m just difficult to explore?

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