Bereft of true belonging

This world has become unbearable with the sensory overload caused by virtually endless supply of information and options. It’s difficult to withstand the incessant subliminal messaging that aims to unravel your self-trust so that corporations and organizations can make it “easier” on you by choosing and thinking for you. It’s made to seem that if you don’t take advantage of what’s out there you’re really missing out and wasting your life. If it’s free, if it’s convenient, if it’s dirt cheap, if it’s easy – why wouldn’t you?

Well, perhaps you simply don’t want to, for one. But what does that mean anymore? Individual taste and resonance. That’s the very thing they’re attempting to unhinge and uproot because it’s the single most dangerous obstacle to a new world order. It doesn’t matter what you think or feel, as long as you’re connected to a group think and got your ideas and thoughts from a cluster.

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