Entrapment of souls

As grand and creatively stupendous this universe is, I refuse to believe this suffocating and dismal feeling is an accurate reflection of the noumenon ( the original essential nature of the cosmos as created by Allaah, as opposed to the phenomenon which is the appearance of the sensory world as constructed from mental projections and reason). I believe that the value and meaning of man-made structures and concepts have been so bloated and overestimated that they changed from being a means to an end, to being an end in itself. This essentially is catching souls through an ego net. People’s emotional flow and spiritual creativity is hampered by having outdated norms imposed on them and the repercussions for not complying are severe enough to make people abandon being a part of a larger whole. The safety of the ego is pitted against the security of the spirit, while downplaying the value and meaning of the spiritual and the abstract.

So of course, concrete goals and empty symbols can’t justify life. An undernourished spirit can’t participate in the world. So. What do you surmise happens? Where do you think the flow, the currency, the magnetism, the evolution, the rhythm comes from? These aren’t mental concepts. They are extrasensory. So when the position of the mind and rationality is made to be the apex of existence, this is the very cause of the stagnation and corruption of the flow of human progress and creativity. The mind is linear, it’s fixed, it’s an archive, it constantly compares things to what has happened and what it knows. It’s supposed to hold space for the transcendental experiences where the opposites are allowed to be without trying to preemptively eliminate a polarity. It’s supposed to serve as an incubator where things can simmer and rest and grow and come into the innate potentiality that Allaah has already created.

At times I feel like I’m about to lose it. I surrender to Allaah, each and every time and just as it feels like something is about to snap in my head, I find release and relief. I see clearly. I see what was causing the malfunction, the mental drudgery ; I was forcing false information on myself and my spirit was like nope. I see how much mental and emotional pollution and corruption has stemmed from European thinkers. The toxic fumes from their grandiosity coats the entire matrix. People are taught how to think like them, how to correct one’s outlook after their examples. Academia and corporations are slaughterhouses for real.

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