The heart chakra of Islaam

Islaam grounds and integrates the complex human experience in a way that’s grossly underestimated. In times where people are up in their heads, mandatory rituals like praying 5 times a day (including prostrating your forehead on the ground a whooping 34 times/ daily prayer cycle in total) in tandem with the circadian rhythm is a much needed recalibration and grounding in real life.

Also, think about the implications and symbolism behind tens of millions of Muslims syncing up by facing the same direction towards the Ka’bah. The Ka’ba, a black meteoric stone that originated as white when it descended from the heavenly dimensions, but because it has absorbed the imbalances of sinfulness in mankind it has become black.

I have a theory, and it’s just that – a theory – that the black stone is composed of what’s called black light, which is the ‘invisible’ spectrum of light, the so-called creative principle that underpins dark matter and black holes. It’s been said that black light is the ‘womb’ that births visible light. The zero point energy in quantum field theory. This is also the metaphysical components of the divine feminine energy which is, like the black stone, a unifying and harmonizing energy.

Look, I’m still hazy on this because it’s all intuitive and my mind hasn’t caught up in filling in the dots, but the point is that there’s more to things symbolically than just the concrete aspects.

And when people cease to ground Islaam in their practice, when it’s not found in rituals or beliefs or vibrations – that’s when the pages of the Qur’aan will be wiped clean and the knowledge of Islaam eradicated completely. When it isn’t anchored by the hearts, Allaah will uproot it. And thereafter it won’t be long before the world reaches its end because then there’s no reason for existence, when humans have lost their spirituality and higher thought.

I’m all over the place with this, but what I’m attempting to convey is: look and feel deeper. Don’t be superficial in your understanding of Islaam. You won’t get it unless you look at it holistically. Put the pieces together, find the patterns, follow the thread that ties it all together. That’s where the answers lie.

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