Simplicity holds no capacity for illusions and lies

Some people need a perpetual cause to keep fighting for to mask their resistance to life itself. They don’t want resolution, ever. They want revenge. For what’s gone and what will be. Forgiveness is a fatal mistake in their books. Healing is defeat. They are at war with the divine decree itself. They want to undo their humanity so that they never ever have to feel the imbalance of polarities.

But it’s a realm that’s innately dualistic. Your attempt at cutting out the polarity creates more of it. Theoretically, it can be argued that certain things shouldn’t be and they need to be undone. Who are you arguing with? Do you really think that someone will take in your yelling and change because they feel morally obliged? Or will your logic bring them to heel? If these people had that kind of conscience that was self-aware and self-regulating, they wouldn’t have done what they did, much less persist in it for so long as to create patterns and templates duplicating their corruption.

The truth is that we often must accept the injustices of the past in order to permanently break free from it. Emancipation of self. That’s the most important task in this lifetime. To emancipate the self from the limitations of illusions and ego. To self-actualize. That entails a lot of loss, sacrifice, grief. It entails finding the places within that are untouched by the external mayhem. Chaos gives us incentive to go looking for it. That’s the bigger picture, the bigger fight. The justice in all this is that the perpetrators of violence and oppression, those who refuse to be self-aware and take responsibility for what they do to others, they’ll forever be tied to the chaos they created. They can never find that timeless place within. They can never transcend the battlefields and sewers. They’re their own worst hell and punishment. Nothing you can do can come close to being depraved and deprived of the divine.

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