These lips are made for talking… the truth

I’m just clocking… women have perpetuated a lie amongst themselves about what womanhood is and should be.. Instead of submitting to the divine love, we’ve submitted to the ego desires.

When the ego takes hold of the feminine principle which is naturally conceding and surrendering, it makes a woman weaponize her subtle power by being sultry, seductive, and submissive to the male ego all in order to manipulate and get a share of the cake.

All this time.. I realize I was being brainwashed and gaslighted by other women who were acting as gatekeepers of women elitism. They’d say I can’t be outspoken, I can’t be imperfect, I can’t be myself, I have to be a triple threat, I have to watch out for these broads, I have to do everything to keep a man, I can’t ever cut myself some slack, but I always have to cut others slack to not be seen as bitter, I can’t show weakness, I can’t let anything get to me, I have to be a queen, I can’t let anyone see me out of character, I have to be a superwoman and a superwife and a supermum to be worthy, and honestly if I can’t manage all that I’m a pathetic, lazy excuse for a woman.

I wish that was an exaggeration. But that’s the conditioning I’ve been actively fighting and resisting since I was 13! And being told I’m stubborn, I’m hard-headed, I’m delusional, no man would ever want me or be able to handle me, I’ll never get married, I’ll never get along with anyone..

I wasn’t doing it to front or be contrarian. It just was a visceral reaction but I tried to become those things because I thought reality was one thing and I had to adapt, while having my authentic cake too. Jeez, I wonder why I never could combine those two.. /s 🙄

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