Cultural appropriation is a small part in a greater context which is man’s artificial simulation, exploitation, and copy of nature in every way. Machines, AI, artificial lights, genetic and bioengineering, transhumanism, etc. It’s malicious because it’s predicated on subduing nature while extracting its distinct features.

It’s curious that white civilization has been at war with nature because nature hasn’t been kind on them… So is this an envy of indigenous and nomadic cultures that are in sync and symbiosis with their environment? Or is it an attempt at not feeling vulnerable and in need of nature?

People used to look forward to summer for planting season. But it’s now become a harvesting season where we enjoy ourselves and let loose from the mechanical enslavement of a 9-5 drudgery. We give nothing back to ourselves or nature, and we just take what we haven’t invested in.

The world is becoming destructive because we’ve broken away and disregarded natural and divine order on all levels, in a bid at becoming gods essentially. When God creates, things flourish. When we attempt to copy God we destroy what He’s created. And the gag is, we only realize the existence of some functions and intelligent design after we’ve messed it up. We pick apart and meddle in things that we have no idea how to put back together.

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