You can shit on me but you can’t sit on me while you do it

People aren’t products to consume. It took me a lifetime to not feel guilty for not empathizing with these types. They’d take and take and I’d legitimize them because I couldn’t fathom how some people don’t see beyond their egos. That some people are so entangled in their egos that whatever hurts their ego hurts them existentially. So much so that they absolutely do not see a difference between the action of another and their reaction to it because there’s no such delineation. It’s all them.

I’m honestly and genuinely at a point where I don’t give a single fuck about anyone who is superimposing their reaction on me. People out here enslaving others emotionally because they can’t be arsed to carry their own cross. I’d go nuts if I had to think about adapting to people. Some people don’t like that I swear, others don’t like that I speak about Allaah and Islaam, others don’t like my political takes, and yet others feel that I’m too woo-woo with my metaphysical shit. Keep it moving because I’m not here for clout or validation. I’m disseminating knowledge that’s sacred to me because I feel divinely called to it and I’m just putting whatever I receive intuitively out into the world and Allaah will guide to it whomever it concerns. Whether a million get it or 0, I don’t own the rights nor do I ever plan shit. I’ve been wanting to write a book for a couple of years now and I even have the title and all, but it’s not time yet and until I get that green light I won’t budge. I know for sure that if I wanted money or clout, I’d follow the formula with ease. But I never ever ever ever wanna do anything that leaves parts of me behind. If it’s not 100% yes it’s a 100% no.

Even if I get blackballed, even if I get publicly dragged, even if everyone turns away from me that won’t change a thing because this is between me and Allaah. He knows me, He understands me, and at the end of it all I have zero regrets and I live in a way that if I would die tonight there’s nothing I’d wish I did differently. I live in a way that has me put more effort into what others don’t perceive than what they do. And I like to keep it that way. Don’t ever get it twisted. Don’t ever think I’m here for the trend, the hashtag, the shoutouts. It’s insulting that someone would even approach me in that way, thinking they can get me to modify my behaviour. Also, I’ve lived in such a brutally honest way since I was a CHILD that if for whatever reason a transcript of my thoughts or something I said in private would leak I wouldn’t worry. I’d probably be embarrassed but I would never worry because I’ve always kept the same energy and consistency. Always. If something is true, I’ll lose face over it. No way do I have space for dual talk. How I write is how I think is how I feel is how I talk. Not afraid or enticed by anything.

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