Words… are the building blocks of illusions

Someone can be the absolute worst but they’ll get away with it if they have respectful and decent speech.

Hitler didn’t rile the West up because of his actions but because of his brazen, inflammatory and confrontational speech. It’s why his atrocities are more known than King Leopold of Belgium who was personally responsible for the Congo Horrors that saw up to 15 MILLION Congolese people murdered and/or mutilated.

People don’t know what they see unless they’re told what to look for. Call it intellectual laziness or moral cowardice, but people rely on external sources to summarize what’s happening out in the world because that’s how removed and disconnected they are. That’s why Trump is so disruptive. As a whole, Obama has personally overseen and sanctioned more wholesale destruction and transgression than Trump probably has in his entire lifetime. And yet, because of his disruptive language, he’s seen as more dangerous than anything else. It’s simply because he’s threatening to tear down the very fabric of the illusions that make the West appear as powerful and unstoppable as it does. He’s exposing the magic tricks.

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