Existential axis

Islaam restricts the ego. That’s why it’s not as readily appealing as, to the Western mind especially, the Eastern philosophies that have been co-opted and appropriated by white culture. It’s more like vegetables than a dessert. It can’t be consumed by a materialistic mind.

The reason why despite the extreme resistance and hate of Islaam and Muslims, it’s the fastest growing religion is because it’s the only creed that is existentially grounding and lends a stability that no intellectualism can conjure. It’s not based in avoiding something nor is it designed for an outcome. It’s wholly in the now and it regulates the oscillations caused by being caught up in linear time and distracted by space. It’s a buffer against this 3D matrix, a shock absorber for the soul. Most of its wisdom is not realized or appreciated because we’re so disconnected from our emotions and spirit.

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