When the means is assigned a meaning

The purpose of the man is to serve, as this is the embodiment of the divine masculine. Serving through providing for his family, protecting, building, fighting, carrying, leading, teaching etc.

But when what he does became more important than who he is as a being, then he became a servant of the provision and forced the woman to serve him if she wanted to be nurtured and loved by him. Yes, really! Inverse dynamics is a hallmark of diabolical forces. The woman was the nurturer and now she’s serving her body and life force in order to get some validation and security back from the man and society.

The divine feminine isn’t materialistic at all. The divine feminine is aligned with the soul and spiritual, so where do you surmise this leaves this energy in the modern woman? Nowhere because she’s not grounded in her own body. She’s on edge, ready to up and leave at the drop of a hat, ready to adapt to the chaos out there in order to be noticed. Instead of nurturing the heart she’s out here serving the egos. She’s lost touch with the cosmos inside of her. She’s lost trust in her true power.

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