A mere vessel?

Imperfect humanity is by intentional design. Iblees has always tried denigrating what it means to be human and shame us for what he perceives to be fundamental flaws. The first way he managed to mislead us was turning Adam and Eve against their humanity. By selling them the illusion of overcoming the innate limitations of mortality and will power, he insinuated that there was something wrong and unacceptable in not being perfect. He crafted perfectionism and in fact thought that that’s the reason why he was elevated to be amongst the angels. But it was his perfectionism that blocked humility and he preferred to risk it all than renege on his identity with the divine favours. He felt entitled to Allaah’s favours because he thought it was a reward for his excellence.

Our highest good is only accessed through surrendering to the fact that being imperfect isn’t a mistake. We’re created to be able to receive the perfection of the divine light, just like a hollow bowl is meant to hold foodstuff. Our value is not in our genetic makeup but in our ability to receive light, just as Adam calayhissalaam was able to receive the meaning and names of all things. His imperfection made space for that. That’s the memo Iblees missed and one he’s hellbent on obscuring till this day.

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