Women aren’t goodwill

Obama out here saying we need more female leaders because men are starting to get on my nerves lately.

Why are women elevated through sloppy seconds? It’s like a backhanded compliment. Like when you’ve fucked up that’s when you want women to come in to clean up the mess? Wow.

It’s like those people who only contact you when they’re bored or want something from you. Getting power and position isn’t some accomplishment. It’s like being told that you can buy a house for dirt cheap because the whole neighbourhood is in foreclosure.

Women aren’t second-rate men. They are women with intrinsic value and essence. And it’s time we take time to discover and develop what comes naturally and organically to us instead of waiting on men to discover us or to discover what they have in us. Nah! That’s a form of self-hate and self-neglect. We need innovation and creativity to make sure we don’t recycle the tried and tested toxicity of the men. That entails not reaching for low hanging fruits or take shortcuts to appear a certain way. Pursue what resonates with you, regardless of how it looks like to others!

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