How Islaam safeguards and integrates the divine feminine

  • Xijaab that acts as an energetic shield and boundary to deter the intrusion from low vibration and destructive energy (note: deter not necessarily guaranteeing prevention)
  • The Prophet sallAllaahu calayhi wasallam telling women it’s more rewarding for a woman to pray in the innermost chambers of her home
  • Xajj for a woman being equivalent to jihaad
  • A man having to go through different avenues and sacrifice materialistically before he can take her to their marital home.
  • A man not being allowed to touch her wealth while he’s obligated to provide for her. If they divorce and she’s nursing a baby, he has to pay up.
  • Though there are NO excuses for leaving salaah (even if you can only literally blink, you’re obliged to pray through that blinking) even if you’re impure and don’t have water to cleanse yourself you may use dust, a woman has been given a spiritual dispensation for the duration of her period. Now, many speculate why exactly this is and assume, and though we may never quite understand the divine wisdom in its entirety, we know that menstruation is a kind of death, a kind of ‘shut down for construction’. So Allaah has matched her energetic shutdown and hibernation with a spiritual hibernation. It’s difficult for women to focus on different things at the same time of those things are fundamentally and dialectically opposed. So being forced to be spiritually alert and focused while her entire being and energy is dark would make worship counterintuitive. (I’m not laying claim to knowing that’s the divine wisdom but I’m simply asserting from experience).

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