Higher space, deeper time

I just realized..

A baby is literally ahead of time. The womb is beyond time and space because the baby gets its identity stamped through the place it emerges in and the configuration of numbers on the clock that coincided with when the first person laid eyes on the baby emerging. When it’s seen, that’s when the baby is recognized. So that means, time and space is simply the dimensions that hold the visible aspects of creation. It’s like how we gauge or measure visibility. Just like meters and centimeters gauge the length and height of an object, our measure of it doesn’t mean the measurement comprehends the entirety of the object. For instance, we measure someone’s height for a specific purpose like jotting the height down for documenting the growth of a child, or to note it on the passport. So the measurement has no inherent meaning or purpose. It’s a stopgap. Likewise time and space holds no inherent meaning, it’s just a fraction and compartmentalization of a whole for a certain purpose. We need time to act as a bridge between thoughts, and space to be what unites the intentions of the heart.

It’s a way of making the whole relative to the parts we are because our minds can’t comprehend the whole. It needs to break it down and contrast it and analyze it and categorize it. (this is the function of the divine masculine and why prophets were exclusively the recipients of revelation)

And what’s not visible, what can’t yet be seen, is beyond time and space. But it’s still accessible to the individual, but not the collective. That’s why change and innovation and paradigm shifts come through the individual to the collective and not the other way around. (this is the function of the divine feminine and why the protection of the woman and the sacredness of her sexuality is so important.)

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