When myths maim

I think one thing that seriously holds back people from Africa and Asia where collectivism is prevalent is the fact that children are prevented from having space to evolve and propagate their unique geniuses and they’re instead saddled with the emotional labour of loving the elders. Kids are seen as assets and an extension of the parents and the form of love they’re given is quite hostile and suffocating in that they’re burdened with their own existence and have to redeem themselves for existing. Parents insist that they follow in their footsteps, meaning they hold children to a world that no longer exists.

Instead of being free to share their unique perspectives and talents, they have to funnel that mental and emotional energy into upholding the culture and meeting the parents arbitrary expectations and goals. They get sucked into the machine and become lodged between the cogs, entangled in the mechanics that hold no meaning.

They have to beat to empty drums that summon the devil that promised protection from fears through the illusions that we can somehow circumvent the losses of the past.

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