This is what we here for

You doubt that as a woman you can create a revolution when your body is equipped to create A WHOLE HUMAN BEING. Do you even realize what that means? A human can’t be created in the world by force, by manly hands. The soul is divinely inspired but it needs a gentle place to land and take root in. Women are strong enough to have their organs shift around, their hormonal cycles recalibrated, the body create a nourishment subsystem without breaking a sweat!! And yet, they are gentle and soft enough to hold space for the minute development that takes close to a year. Gentle enough to protect the incredibly fragile baby long enough for the baby to become a robust, upstanding toddler!

Likewise, a new world, a different outcome needs gentleness to integrate into our worldly plain and people are far too hasty, too impatient, too cynical to hold a space in trust. They want to see, hear, touch, KNOW before they’ll reluctantly concede. But that’s not how things change. The heart is the collective womb and we need to be connected and cognizant of its nature to facilitate creative evolution. Just as the body has a system that allows it gauge the overall state and respond to the changes to maintain an optimum balance, WE have to be that awareness when observing and responding to shifts and needs in the external world. It’s not going to happen instinctually like animals operate. It has to be a conscious decision to choose transcendence and to choose the path to collective harmony when at the fork in the road where we are faced with the possibility of losing personal interest and what benefits the ego.

And it’s precisely and unequivocally because women have lost sight of the potency of their intuition and the function of their subtle nature that all of humanity is now at the mercy of a distorted masculine energy that hasn’t been tempered by the feminine because the feminine has abandoned her station to catch up with the masculine.

Not utilizing the divine feminine will result in what happened to the Titanic ; people underestimated nature and overestimated the capacity of what’s man-made. The divine feminine would have detected that iceberg by including its existence into the navigation plan. Refusal to coexist will only annihilate us, and not nature.

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