Inner silence

The feminine principle tends to that which needs help and strength. The cry of an infant, the empathy for a homeless person, the nurturing of a wound, the soothing of a child woken up from a nightmare, the organizing of a rescue team. Pain can’t be dealt by with strength, which is a feature of the masculine principle. Pain is life’s alarm system. It’s a sign that if something isn’t done soon, death will come.

When we wedged convenience between us and our feminine principle, we lost the innate contact we had with nature. The instinct that’d let us know when something’s brewing, before it erupts. Nowadays, we only pay attention to what has already exploded.

When we cut ourselves off from our inner cycles and rhythms to adapt to external cycle which is linear time, we were stripped of our power. When we had to manage ourselves to punch in and out, we couldn’t afford to listen to our intuition that tells us not to take our child to daycare, or that we need a breather. We relegated ourselves to what higher-ups – boss, culture, media- have delineated for us. Our voice, our passion, our internal rhythm, our intuition became something we reconnect with on short breaks or in between sets. An afterthought, a footnote, an asterisk. We buried our timelessness in the past.

Respond to Inner silence

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