Arrogance is a flea

Depression is the worst pandemic of our age, a mental black death and yet so much effort is geared towards pretending everything is alright, and everyone is perfectly happy with the world we live in. What’s the point of life, of society, of communities, culture, connections if in the darkest hour when we’re in dire need we find an abyss of isolation before us, and an ocean of expectations surrounding us in which sharks of shame swim the waters, looking for prey.

When you play into that fear and stigma, if only to make it through the week without much fuss and conflict, you’re contributing to this plague. Depression, like addiction and many other social and psychological issues, is a symptom of a society that’s inherently disconnected from humanity. A society that’s predicated on advancing those most detached from the vulnerabilities of a human ; sensitivity, limitations, fatigue, ignorance, inability. A society that rewards people for being superhuman is a society that punishes people for being human. That’s the ugly underbelly no one wants to acknowledge. But no matter how high you climb that hierarchy, you can’t outrun your innate humanity and the nature of your spirit. You may choose to climb Mt. Everest with no equipment or dive the deepest oceans with no gears, but that doesn’t mean that your body will respond in kind. You’ll feel and suffer the brunt of the consequences of pursuing a life that’s so fundamentally opposed to equilibrium and harmony.

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