My mind, in a nutshell

Pluto in the 3rd House indicates an individual who spends a lot of time experiencing, because this is how you get to expand your mind and intellectual faculties. There is a need to name and classify things in order to understand your place in the universe but also to feel emotionally secured. It’s an empirical process in which you constantly accumulate more and more information about you, the world around you, in order to understand who you are and who you are within your close environment and within the world. There is a focus on facts and on things that can be verified through the senses.

But crises occur when in this process of accumulation, new information invalid old information, which information to keep and which information to eliminate? As we saw the emotional security is deeply linked to the sense of knowledge and understanding therefore these crises create an intellectual conflict*. These intellectual implosions occur when, on an evolutionary level, you reached a state where your growth is stopped. You are being put in front of an intellectual conflict in order for you to expand your mind and intellectual faculties, and of course the more your resist the bigger the problem. Luckily enough, the 3rd House is a mutable house and therefore it does soften the blow through its adaptable qualities.

Of course this position does signifies a restlessness and this is true for an evolutionary purpose: It’s this very restlessness that produces the will to constantly expand the mind and the knowledge, increase the ability to communicate and to communicate your knowledge to others. Sometimes it also means compulsive talking, and compulsive accumulation; as if there will never be enough information in the world for you to learn. At the complete extreme, we find so many information that it is impossible to make sense of it and rationally link them to each other, and we reach a state of complete over saturation threatening the entire mind stability.

The evolutionary intent can be found in the opposite house, the 9th. The intent is to develop the intuitive faculties as opposed to the rational mind; intuition allows understanding on a deep level the metaphysical and cosmological laws; intuition allows getting an holistic approach.

The easiest way to achieve that is to find a philosophical and metaphysical system that inspires you and that you intuitively feel is right for you. By aligning yourself with it you can put your mind at ease and stop the constant spinning.

The 3rd House and 9th House axis is very related to the very question of religions and to the difference between your truth, the truth, and truths. The intent is to develop an understanding that your truth can coexist with other people’s truth, that there are different valid systems, and that you can’t force your truth on other people (and neither can they). Once you reach this state, where you develop your intuitiveness, put your mind to sleep by aligning yourself with a philosophy, while being able to understand that whatever concept you agree with and align with isn’t the absolute truth nor the only truth, you will be able to serve your Pluto’s purpose on a way larger scale: Learn from your environment and from the people around you, because you will now be able to listen truly to what they say without trying to convince them.

Prior to this stage, you are in a mode where you always react to people, as opposed to listen and respond. You tend to constantly try to convince, to impress people, and you end up in unnecessary conflicts and disappointing conversations.

After you reach this evolutionary stage, you can hypnotize and inspire people, you can change people’s mind and allow them to discover your truth without trying to convince them.

* the root of my existential crisis /depression that started when I was 15


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