Matrix maya

The Matrix is based on keeping people trapped within a paradigm of false and superficial knowledge of themselves and the universe known as materialism. It is fundamentally about centralizing power and control, as it enslaves people under deceptive lies of limitation and lack of options, keeping them disconnected from their own immense creative power.

The Matrix operates through the process of “compartmentalization,” which prevents any one person from knowing too much. This is a reflection of a process of fragmentation going on within the human psyche that is being acted out and expressed in the outside world, which then serves to feed back into and reinforce to the psyche the very same fragmentation. Through a carefully orchestrated “need to know” basis, the Matrix keeps different groups of people who are serving its power structure partially informed and purposely disconnected from each other, so that no one but those at the top of the pyramid of power can know the overall big picture and hidden agenda in which they are unwittingly playing supportive roles. This isn’t a paranoid conspiracy theory; the evidence is all around us for those who have eyes to see.

– Paul Levy, Quantum Revelation : a radical synthesis of science and spirituality

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