The truth is eternal but our connection to it isn’t

Note: this is an honest intellectual examination of Jesus from the angle of a significant prophet in Islaam and a recurrent character in the Qur’aan, as well as his mother who has an entire chapter devoted to her ( surah Maryam). It’s not an attack or belittlement of Christians. Rather, it’s a retracing of the steps treaded by some of the worst of humans in history to claim Christendom and how ego corrupts the truth.

If you believe god died for your sins, do you expect others to center your existence in that way? If you believe that the worst of atrocities are written off by allegiance, do you see others outside your group as subhuman? The same people who persecuted Jesus are the ones who turned his message around and shopped it around to the European establishment, paying homage to the anthropomorphism of the Greeks. Though I unequivocally don’t believe Jesus was crucified but ascended, I believe his message was crucified and made into a caricature by centering the human existence, the ego, and not the divine.

Anthropocentrism (the belief that human beings are the most significant entity of the universe) is just a stone cast away from white supremacy, once you establish that only whites are humans.

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