Lady Justice

I truly love everyone. Love to me is to see a person for what they are and could be, without projecting or expecting. That means that I accept them unconditionally for who they are and where they are. I don’t expect them to change, even if they make me uncomfortable.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to be close or even friendly. That won’t erase how they make me feel. I’ll follow my intuition as to how to interact with them, I just won’t conflate how they make me feel with who they are

For instance, who Trump is is different from how he interacts with the world. He’s still a soul, he was an innocent child once upon a time and he’s not 100% evil. No one is. Not even the devil. However he’s used his free will to fuel the separation from others and elevate himself above others and he damages his own soul more than he damages others. For that, he’s to be rebuked and sternly so. Love in this instance is to see how his actions come from an evil place void of good intentions and how it’s in his best interest and others that he returns to a path of light. And until he does so, he’ll have an accurate demonstration reflected back to him of how he’s showing up. No ass kissing or sugarcoating.

I used an extreme example to show how nuance is used even here. People often abandon nuances where it’s most needed. Approaching a volatile situation with anything other than love can be like pouring gasoline on a fire. Interacting through love is to ensure that you don’t do anything to add to the aggravation and destruction in the world, in whatever capacity. It’s to uphold your end of the bargain even if others have failed you in that regard. By doing so, you’ll receive divine love back and gain a harmonious perspective that protects you from the strife and struggle that others with less or no love are plagued by.

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