A good surprise

Unhealed people who attempt to fix the world and its variety of problems do the deepest damage, unwittingly. They bring all the pain and dysfunction to the fore and because they don’t know how to allow healing to take place other than goading oneself into action, they do the same to others. They simply cannot create or hold space for others to come into their own and they brutalize people by focusing exclusively on getting rid of what they’ve identified as the problem. But the problem is never the problem. It’s never one thing in isolation. It’s a dynamic, it’s a system, it’s a whole. It’s like having fever because of the flu. Yes, it was caused by a virus but it’s already triggered a reaction in the body in an attempt to fight off the virus, so removing the virus is not only unnecessary but the focal point, the pivot that created the intention to get rid of the virus in the first place, wasn’t out of a holistic concern for the body but an attempt to get rid of the pain and discomfort brought about by the efforts of the immune system to fight this.

So in essence, the intolerance to their own healing process that had them try to bypass it by compensating for it by fighting the triggers and symptoms, is transferred to preventing others from submitting to their own intrinsic healing process.

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