Discovery Planet

Being a human is an honour. Being on this planet is an honour. Living in this era is an honour. LIFE is an honour. Everything is in perfect sequence or else it’d result in chaos. Everything is geared towards the highest possible good or else life would be futile. Everything is composed by either beauty (love) or wisdom (truth). This universe is a duality because Allaah created it with His wisdom but He made space for free will. Free will is the shadow except when it aligns with the divine will, in which case the individual self-actualizes and ascends into their innate potential that Allaah created them with. They connect to the zero point.

4 responses to Discovery Planet

  1. Anonymous

    Is the honor of life to see the beauty and wisdom despite the pain, suffering, and organized chaos? Or is the latter portion the Divine wisdom in which the beauty lays in the use of free will to reconnect to the Divine perspective, and that is the beauty?

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    • Neosomaliana – Author

      It’s 2 fold. The divine perspective enables you to see the beauty. So by seeking to see it the beauty gravitates to you by way of new perspectives that adds an overlay to the sensory data from the environment and the external. It’s kinda like 3D glasses; the beauty is both in the glasses as well as the 3D movie that’d be blurry and distorted if viewed without those glasses. Hope that answers what you had in mind


  2. Anonymous

    It does. That explains how one can be in physical, psychological, and emotional torture but still be able to be above just bearing it; they have these glasses on. Is that why many seek these glasses; through scriptures, spiritual dogmas, etc?

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    • Neosomaliana – Author

      I don’t think people necessarily seek these glasses, rather they seek to change what they’re seeing. Searching for the glasses is to deepen into the discomfort, the unknown, the uncertainty. Only love of truth can facilitate that. That’s certainly not at par with dogma. But then again, people perceive at different levels. Where someone can peer into the fear and where it came from and why it’s there, another would only react to and recognize fear. People are adapted differently. Kinda like night vision. Not every animal needs the ability to see in the dark. Perhaps not everyone needs to see through those glasses?


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