The reason why you must first accept whatever it is you’re trying to change is that change doesn’t come from transforming what has already materialized but it’s a new wave of creative energy that comes in, sort of like opening the window to air the room. The stagnant air gets replaced by new fresh air. When we accept an unfavourable situation it’s not in approval of it but we’re actually disconnecting from it so that we neutralize our inner space in preparation for new energy. As long as we’re in resistance and embroiled in whatever is out there we’re not in a space where we can receive and ground the new.

And granted, there are times when we aren’t able to disconnect that swiftly and it’s important we let ourselves go through the process organically. Perhaps there are lessons still unlearnt in what we’re caught up in. But whatever it is, bringing ourselves to neutrality ensures that we’re not inhaling toxicity. It bears reminding that change and creative energy isn’t something we create or curate. It’s divine and we not only have to acknowledge that but we must align ourselves with our being and let go of the mental/masculine energy that’s constantly on the move and doing.

It also entails that we have to feel whatever we’ve been avoiding and that can be very uncomfortable. A lot of our work and activism is focused on suppressing the symptoms – the manifested reality – so that we don’t have to feel it or come in contact with it. We want to fix it so that it’s controlled and quarantined and we can go back doing whatever we were doing. We don’t want to get dirty or risk having whatever we’ve built for ourselves, our dominion, destroyed. More often than not, we’re very invested in the structures and mediums that hosts what’s harmful and toxic. We can’t compartmentalize life to try to excise what bothers us and not let the divine excise what we’re doing to bother our own equanimity.

Accepting things unconditionally means accepting that we can’t conquer and control everything. It means accepting our role in relation to the divine. It means accepting the divine as the primary creator of all reality.

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