Don’t get caught up young buck

Anytime you seek out to have your emotional needs met or satiated by external means, be it a person or a charismatic character or a pursuit, you open yourself up to being infiltrated by parasitic energies and/or entities.

Beware of anyone or anything that gives you everything you desire in one go. Beware of anyone who lovebombs you or gives you lots of unreciprocated attention. Beware of anything that promises to spare you effort.

But most importantly, beware of your own thoughts that lead you away from your heart and makes you seek a shortcut through the difficult emotions. After all, no energy vampire or psychopath or scam or mind virus can get to you without your invite. That’s how powerful you are and how much your victim mentality is a mind virus, a sort of Trojan horse that dissolves and weakens your will to love.

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