Failure is my ally

Truth separates and distinguishes and love brings together and connects. It’s imperative that before you attempt to create a romantic partnership/union, you see the truth and let that be what you discern by.

Attempting to bypass or ignore something that’s incongruent with you just because you think this relationship will make up for the shortcomings ( the tired “no one’s perfect” clichĂ©) is to split away from your reality and escape your heart. And whatever isn’t built on holistic awareness and unconditional presence is bound to fail. What was created from an inner split or turmoil will come full circle and end in split or turmoil. There’s no way to avoid or evade your truth so if you want lasting love, give up everything that doesn’t resonate with you no matter how inconsequential the dereliction seems. When you honour your heart deeply you’ll be blessed with someone who does just that. But the truth is indispensable. The truth is indestructible.

Respond to Failure is my ally

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