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“For man, having forgotten his divine origin through long enslavement to transient things, fails to recognize his hidden oneness with his fellows and acts for personal self-interest alone. Forgetfulness prevails but it shall not always do so. Underneath this sin and evil, this ignorance and materialism the true self-knowledge still exists and the true goodness still inheres. Both await their chance to show themselves.

If therefore moral evil is to be cured, the complete remedy must be as twofold as the disease. First, it must show up his enslavement for the degrading thing it is and call him to repentance; second, it must reveal to him his higher nature and call him to remembrance.

In his spiritual history there comes a time when bitter bereavement, heavy loss, the failure of ambitions or physical illness temporarily weakens his zest for the world and enfeebles his will to live. He turns away from sensuous pleasure for a while and lets a brooding melancholy settle over his soul. The mood passes of course but out of its darkness there is born his quest for inner reality, his yearning for an abiding satisfaction which is independent of external things.”

– Paul Brunton, The Wisdom of the Overself

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