A wild life

God wants your darkness, your sadness, your weakness, your shame – everything that makes you hide or isolated. Because only He can take that away by enveloping you in His transcendental love that removes every thought that tries to make life into something He didn’t intend it to be.

The world’s not cruel. When we say the world’s cruel, life’s not fair, what are we really saying? Is this the divine design? A mediocre world where we just get by till we die? Or are we blocked by false beliefs that blind us to the truth? Is it easier to say life’s bad than to say I feel bad? Deflection may feel like protection but it’s not. You can’t control your soul, you can’t control your feelings and your needs. And as long as you’re in denial and rejection of your nature, it’s impossible for you to find harmony and meaning out in the world because you can only perceive that through the very nature you’re putting down and forcing to be what it aint.

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