Mass appeal

Actions should be an expression of awareness not an impression of the mind on the world. It’s the natural rhythm of awareness to first find it from a point of darkness and uncertainty, and then to integrate the light into your being such that it gives shape to what was previously undifferentiated, i. e., the unknown, and lastly take actions that are inspired by this light. That’s how we receive divine light in this realm: through the hearts of others.

And when that cycle is finished, allow yourself to return to the void of the unknown once again and don’t cling to actions that aren’t propelled by light. In the contracting phase you’ll learn about the other side of awareness in terms of letting go, surrendering and trusting. This prepares the ground for a higher level of light to come in. Your task is to align your free will with this divine rhythm and not block the flow through the introduction of disapproval and resistance because you want something more tangible and immediate.

You’ll only evolve as far as you’re willing to risk the immediate and tangible to make room for the esoteric and spiritual to be anchored through you.

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