The only way out is a new way inwards

The truth is the Achilles heel of all evil and they/it has no power whatsoever to push truth back. The ONLY power, I repeat, the ONLY power evil has is distraction. Our pain, fears, doubts, insecurities, latent triggers, paranoia etc., get stoked and used against us whenever we get close to the truth.

It’s just a ruse. Reclaim the power of your focus and learn to do it now because it’s too late to start training your horse right before a race. Things are building up rn in an unprecedented way. I just watched this video from Truthstream media which is one of extremely select few sources of alternative news I actually trust and they aren’t alarmists or fear mongerers but the high-level political events in Europe this week had them very worried because nothing like this has happened in at least a couple of decades.

And it had me thinking what my vantage point is when obviously I’m unaware of what goes on behind the scenes yet I don’t like to be a victim to circumstances, especially corrupt ones. So I made ducaa (meditating prayer) and asked Allaah to reveal to me the truth in this maze of confusion and what I can do to keep away from the melee.

I kept lazy surfing the net when I started feeling myself becoming detached from my body and this moment, sorta like when your foot falls asleep but mentally. And then I felt the fears growing that I’d have an anxiety attack or a flashback that’d ruin my chances of sleep and would sweep me away. It felt like I was headed for a waterfall and meanwhile I can’t stop going through meaningless stuff, in a mind-numbing way. I then had an intuition that told me to close my eyes and take a deep breath. At the same time I was having thoughts that were deterring me from that saying it’s only going to slow me down in my escape from whatever is brewing inside me. It felt futile. But I did it anyway and all of a sudden the momentum of whatever storm was brewing dissipated. I was stunned and went back to whatever I was doing. Shortly after same thing happens, I feel the current gathering speed and the fears kick in. I repeat the grounding exercise. Poof.
All of a sudden the numbness that came over me released and I felt connected to my body again. I had clarity and my will was unclogged. I identified some things I had put off that was bothering me so I got up to do the brief tasks and as I was doing them I was amazed at what had happened. And it was then that I had intuitive downloads come in answering the ducaas I had made earlier. It was a rapid breakdown of the nature and structure of what’s happening and what to do about it and the gist of it is as I outlined in the beginning.

It was also explained to me what that grounding exercise was. Whenever any past emotions or strong memories came up I’d get identified with it as if it was something that was happening now. My brain would engage with it as if it’s a current problem and that’s the feeling of being swept away that I’d feel. This misunderstanding created a huge disconnect between me and my physical reality because I wasn’t letting the emotions that would organically resurface because they were ready to be released (which is a good thing) go.

When I’d close my eyes and take a deep breath, that would prompt my brain to breakaway from the hold of the past and create new neural pathways to a new reality where the pain isn’t relevant or connected.

To me, this is a huge shift because I always thought that I had to fix and analyze and heal whatever came up but actually the only reason why the past was relevant till now wasn’t because my healing depended on it but because I was learning from it. I needed to integrate the wisdom contained in it which was the whole reason why I had to go (and grow) through everything I did. Healing is not the fixing of pain but the rerouting of the mind away from the old trajectory. It’s to choose new responses to the old stimuli. It’s to change your number basically. And this ties in to the ducaa I made about wanting to know the truth about the sinister doings that may impact me: if I continue to make choices that are committed to my truth and the harmony of humanity I am creating pathways that not only steers me clear off the path of evil but would be a much needed sanctuary for others AND evil can never ever find it. Ever. It’s like Wakanda 😁. Evil never walks on the straight and narrow (open). It depends on discontinuity, ambiguity and discord. It can’t step to the light, ever. But God can’t protect you from behind enemy lines. You have to find the path of clarity and consciousness WITHIN you. Though people may bombard you figuratively or literally, they can’t take away your soul and the interpretations you create about what happens. Your focus is your soul in the form of a laser beam. Don’t feed it to your lower instincts.

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