The other side

Beauty is to play the violin and colour the moment with rich presence, and to let it all die as soon as the bow is lifted as if a note never escaped those strings. When you’re aligned in your essence you’re constantly immersed in beauty and you feel it, regardless of who connects with you.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? The sound the tree makes is the interpretation of the brain and isn’t integral to the actual phenomenon of a tree toppling over and falling. A deaf person won’t hear it. An easily spooked person who is already on edge would take off bolting without investigating the source of the sound. Their fear ran with it.

Likewise, people will make different interpretations of your essence but it’s all theirs and isn’t how you connect with your essence. When you feel every aspect of you with no pre-determined template to compare, you don’t need to ask the question of whether the tree makes a sound when it falls. You’re in the moment and belong to the moment and just like a violin that’s stopped playing, you die to every moment because you know your essence is beyond the moment.

Thought occupies the dimension of time and space. Feelings don’t.

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