Shades of separation

If you’ve been on a spiritual high this Ramadan where you’ve met most if not all of your goals, like going to taraweeh, reciting the Qur’aan on the daily, studying islaamic knowledge etc., please know that you’re incredibly privileged and blessed and that this isn’t because you stayed focused or was determined. Allaah gifted you the tawfeeq, He expanded your heart to hold and encompass the light that moves you into action, YOU, your heart, HE did that. I see people talk about this is a representation of what you’re capable of outside of Ramadan. No it ain’t. This has nothing to do with the limited will and everything to do with the indispensable divine will. He allocated this month as being special. He endowed people with the capabilities to focus on their spirituality.

I remind you to be cognizant of what this really means because there are so many of us here with severe depression, anxiety, ptsd, postpartum depression, psychosis etc. who worship Alllaah by staying patient and hopeful but would love to be able to join in and engaged in spiritual activities and routines. And although each will be rewarded for their intentions if they can’t see it through, it’s still a loss. It’s isolation.

So, be mindful and don’t take it for granted. And go easy on people if you see them slacking during Ramadan and not being focused like that. The path to Allaah is exclusively through the heart and sometimes Allaah stops your intentions from evolving into actions because perhaps the actions would take you away from Him through pride and being impressed with self.

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