Connect to this moment

Nothing is more important than being, just being. It’s through being that we connect all the pieces of the puzzle, and we all have different puzzles to put together, unique to us. It’s through being that cibaada is actualized. We weren’t brought here to create substance. Everything Allaah created IS substance. Nor were we created to do something important. The action means very little if the energy with which it was executed was hacky.

There’s nothing more important than the reality of Allaah. There’s a difference between knowing of Allaah as a mental concept and engaging the reality of Him in a way that forces you to question and challenge everything in you to find yaqeen (conviction). Yaqeen without an inner experience is dogma, aka spiritual bypassing. And that may quell your existential anxieties and self-image but sooner or later you’ll have to find conclusion to those dilemmas. And if you die not having done so, well it continues on that day. But best believe that not one piece will be left out. Doesn’t matter how much you intellectualize it. On theory Iblees was devout. Until he was forced to connect his pieces in a way that would create an image different to the one he’d identified with. And he wasn’t willing to part with that. He worshipped himself.

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