Nothing else matters

I’m not here to fight, or to disprove, or to oppose, or to prove myself. I’m here only to love. And to learn the true meaning and connotation of love I had to be immersed in its antithesis ; hopelessness because of darkness and fear because of powerlessness. I discovered that I don’t need power because I it’s my birthright to have abundance, as was promised to everyone, but that people have corrupted society to propagate an illusion of lack and scarcity. And that abundance is reached through connecting to the abstract in the material. I. e., the divine.

I also learnt that embedded in the darkness is a deeper light that isn’t seen but felt. A dark light that is more potent than the overt one. This is the light that nurtures what’s not yet manifested ; the seed, the embryo, the idea. It’s the light of inspiration.

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