Boneless clouds

Trauma made me lose everything. Everything. My most productive years. My usefulness. My life experiences. Friendships. Relationships.Studies. Career. Beauty. Health. Money. Connection..

I love looking to the sky because I see my soul in it. I’m reminded that regardless of how things get on earth, the sky reflects a blank slate. You won’t see a trace of the turmoil, chaos, wildfires, wars on the sky. It’s calm.

I realized that I can lose everything but as long as I have a connection to Allaah, I’ll be ok. Because even though I’ve lost everything that I based my life on and around and thought my value was tied to, I’ve never felt as abundant and hopeful and safe as I do now. And I don’t have any plans, any skills, any person I’m counting on. I have my heart and my heart is as vast as the sky. It contains the universe.

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