Rocket fuel

Return to naked awareness, let the words fade away. Find the blank pages beneath the stories. Let the stillness decide when it wants to change pace. Dignify the silence with your attention. There’s a whole world beyond the manifestation. The winter is a recalibration, an upgrade. Returning to zero point energy is more important than anything we can ever do. Zero point energy is that energy inherent to so-called empty space and molecules that exist even when temperatures are brought down to a halting absolute zero. Meaning, energy isn’t created through motion or momentum, but is imbued in the very fabric of ‘nothingness’.

In other words, there’s never an absence, there’s never a lack. We may not comprehend it but there’s no single space in the universe that’s empty of the divine creative energy, i.e. the adjacent possible, the potential. When a form is denigrated it’s done so by the push of an energy wave that’s creative in nature. So Allaah takes away nothing except by a transfiguring process. And our inability to let go and be open to the infinite possibilities is what robs us from accessing the higher reality. Since the external, manifested circumstances are but an extension of internal energies, who we were in the circumstance that’s been denigrated also has to change in order to access the new. Otherwise we’ll be bringing old energy to a new template, thus spreading corruption. Our resistance and lack of understanding of the nature of change is what causes the chaos and turbulence associated with volatile times such as ours.

We’re at a time where old structures and systems and mindsets are crumbling by being brought to the fore and contrasted with the truth, and that released energy has to go through us as well. We have to be open to being purified of everything we’ve inherited, internalized and identified with in this society. You can argue all you want but the energy and your feelings never lie. As long as you’re stuck, as long as the same patterns repeat themselves, as long as you’re feeling uninspired YOU GOT WORK TO DO!

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