Miss me with that bs

I’m allergic to inauthenticity. I can feel it in my cells and actually smell it. There’s never a reason to be insincere. You may justify it by saying people around you may not like it or may cut you off but who says you’re entitled to being liked? That’s tryna manipulate others into seeing you in a favourable light just because you’re a coward. I’m never harsh about anything but this topic. I have understanding for the worst sins and shortcomings but never falsehood. Never. You don’t know what damage you’re doing by going against your inner reality. Not least to those who sense who you are deep down but are confused by the contradicting image. You’re the matrix when you consciously and willfully portay an image favoured by society because you’re voting against authenticity with your attention and intentions. Every misaligned intention and misguided action where you veer away from what you know is your truth adds a suffocating veneer to the matrix, emboldening the demons. You’re used as statistics when people are deterred by the seemingly cohesive masses and majority.

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