The divine tapestry

Don’t let your human limitations be a source of shame. Know that your limits are the delineation of you, the fabric that you were carved out of. Don’t identify with it either, for you will go at war with the claustrophobic feeling that comes over your spirit. Just accept it and know that they are the divine boundaries for you to know your place as part of a whole. You weren’t meant to be self-sustaining just as you didn’t create yourself. Your very blueprint is one of abundance and you need only to let your focus align with that eternal truth to receive everything you need.

The irony is that when we resist what we are, we limit ourselves because we assume that whatever we’re repulsed by is all there is to us. We put so much stock and faith in our understanding and perspective of the world and it makes the world a very distorted place. Surrender is the relaxation of the spirit and trust of the mind that connects one to a harmonious reality.

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