The ego will only tolerate the morality of the heart as long as it’s not threatened, and the heart can’t flourish in a lack mentality like that. It can’t be dignified by anything other than unconditional acceptance and reverence ; not for its essence but for what it represents and symbolizes: the divine. An action or connection sprung from a place of limitation under the rule of the ego is wont to be corrupted just as stagnant water is breeding grounds for diseases.

The action matters not, but the flow of energy does. From this perspective the ego is a closed system that serves its purpose as protection for a budding and developing mind in its younger years from sensory overload. But as we become stable in our growth and reach the optimum configurations it’s time to start dismantling the encasement of the consciousness and expose the intrinsic raw powers to the sensory world and thus catalyze an alchemical process that would transform us. The ego must be worn down by holding space for the tension of the opposing forces colluding within the psyche. This is only possible through a heart based existence and a constant return to the connection with the divine, for guidance and strength and rejuvenation.

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