Time stops to let you breathe

When you dare feel and release the control of your pain, you’re saying: this aint mine! I won’t have it. Begone!

By feeling your pain instead of containing or discounting it, you’re standing up for yourself and you’re conjuring a type of courage that only accompanies that kind of commitment to see through the pain.

You want empowerment? Understand that the pain ain’t your enemy. Living a lie and in denial absolutely is. The pain is just saying hey, you aint living right by putting up with and putting out all that you do. You know better, do better! Give yourself space to heal goddammit!!

Don’t blame. Just heal and everything you healed from will be irrelevant because you transmuted the power of evil. And for the rest of your life you’ll be a lighthouse, an oasis in the desert for people broken and lost just like you. So go on now. Take the time because there’s nothing more important than tending to a hemorrhaging pain.

Respond to Time stops to let you breathe

Fire away!

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