The disembodied scream

Women fill their inner emptiness with the suffering and destruction of men that they want to heal but can’t. Although they are cosmic healers, they can’t heal others until they heal their deep ancestral trauma. So they stuff it up, fill the sacred space of spiritual creativity with codependency, eschew inner silence, let the inner critic’s poisonous words flow over into criticism and gossip.

Self-love has come to mean looking at yourself through the eyes of an admirer, through a flattering angle, through a filter of glory. We worship the ego that has destroyed us, objectified us, eroded our self-trust. Self-love starts with seeing the self as it is, in all the damage and disconnection and betrayal that we’ve perpetrated against ourselves. It starts by feeling all that needs to be healed. It starts by becoming aware of the absence of love. Self-love is edifying.

Respond to The disembodied scream

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