Shed what doesn’t serve

As women, I suspect our biggest difficulty is to have hope and compassion for ourselves. I think we look at the effects of self-neglect and codependency as failures. When we break down, we’ve failed. When we can’t lose weight because we’re depressed, we’ve failed. When we can’t even think about motherhood because we’re so emotionally depleted, we’ve failed.

And though it’s easy to skip a beat and find the blame in society, that’s perpetuating the vicious cycle because we have no control over society. And truthfully, society is a manifestation of something within us that we haven’t confronted. We’re afraid of being. We’re afraid of our feelings and having a choice in our feelings. The catharsis and transformation gets lost when actions and answers are sought. The actions will come organically, but first we must allow ourselves to rest and simmer down. To discover our inner void. To find silence. To shun blame, despair, and victimhood. To not identify with society and understand that society is made up of individuals, not the other way around. And there are infinite layers and dynamics to reality that it’s almost certain that everyone sees a different version of reality. And it’s a reflection not dictation. It only tells you what the fruits of yesterday’s focus brought. But today isn’t bound to it. You’re not bound to any institution or political paradigm. You have your own structure, which is your soul, and your own dynamic. Take ownership of it. Find it. Nurture it. Listen to it. Let it transform you.

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