Wholesale lies at retail prices

Healing is received automatically through simply acknowledging the pain (though the path to getting there is anything but simple because it entails untangling a lot of untruths) and guidance is received automatically through accepting the ignorance or confusion unconditionally. That is, relinquishing the controlling narrative that we use to cover our shame and guilt, to manage ourselves in a highly image-obsessive culture.

This is as simple as expelling the deoxygenated air from your lungs; the oxygen is in unlimited supply, and will be drawn in through the inhaling motion of the lungs. The cosmos is abundant in that way. But if you block your need for oxygen for whatever reason, then you won’t be able to find oxygen. We often construct narratives about the dysfunctional world we grew up in, narratives about ourselves and others that helped us survive and remain sane. And we grow attached to these narratives, and dare I say deify them. We pool all our hopes into our controlling narrative, as we perceive it to be the only thing that separates and protects us from the unforgiving abyss of the unknown. So when our needs exceed the limits of the ego, which authors these narratives, it does everything to block our growth because we’ve been so indoctrinated with fear and lack and fall from grace that no one dares risk anything for the transcendental. The transcendental doesn’t even exist in our society. It’s all reductivist and materialist.

And so, the real struggle isn’t the realization of our fears and doubts but seeing through the lack of truth behind these propagandas. And trusting ourselves enough to go against the bulk of society is no easy feat, but a worthwhile one it is.

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