It’s so cruel to qualify Allaah’s Mercy on you. To think, oh I’m not in the right space or condition to receive this blessing. To block what you really need because you’ve been conditioned that it’s not possible to attain things in that manner. You’ve been programmed with the necessity of struggle and hustle and that blessings come from actions. And you look at where you are, stuck perhaps, no game plan, and you think right, first I have to get to x before I can ask Allaah for what I want.

Because you’ve identified with your own efforts, you can’t make space for Allaah’s unconditional love. You set up partners with Allaah when you think there’s more than one effective power or will. What blocks your desires is the fact that you think they depend on your hard work, and your progress, and your efforts.

That’s not true. That’s like expecting an egg to become super advanced before it can develop into an embryo and a fetus. The very thing that you think comes with your efforts is what powers your efforts. In other words, what you seek is a seed in your process of seeking it and once it’s fully developed you’ll find it right in front of you, but it was within you all this time. That’s tawfeeq, when Allaah enables one to do something. It’s love. It creates movement, it connects things, it breathes life into things, it roots them. So what you’re attributing to your efforts is what enabled your efforts.

Your hope in your dreams carry you as much as you carry it. It’s an open door to receiving from Allaah and it keeps you evolving into a person who’s a match to the dreams.

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