Most assign a meaning to their suffering and then proceed to create a life around it to keep from touching the raw core of the pain. The life support of the illusion can involve wanting to help others perceived to be plagued by similar experiences avoid touching that core, or using spiritual bypass to avoid touching base with reality. With each flare-up of the natural pain in the psyche’s attempt at generating healing, the person becomes more restless and start to look for more measures to eliminate the tragedies or corruption out in the world. For perhaps in controlling the outside world the inside world would follow suit. But the internal reality isn’t bound by time and space, and therefore isn’t perturbed in the least by the fluctuations and the rules of this 3D world.

What we think has its origin in events is actually just the fruits of what’s been brewing in the invisible unconscious of mankind. At any rate, the purpose of life isn’t to clean it up or fix it. It’s to find meaning in the cracks and mosaic of events and traditions and structures, and to find fullness even when things are empty on the outside.

If we assume that everything that happens or doesn’t happen is by precise law, we can go from being burdened by a mess to being invited into a mystery. Everything is meaningful, if you’re brave enough 😉

3 responses to Ken

  1. Anonymous

    I read your posts every morning and every night because I know this is where your soul speaks unabashed truth that connects. The pain is with me, with you, and it is with all of us, except this is one of the only spaces where it is spoken of.

    Jazakallah khayr. ❤

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