Lose the lies

Don’t judge things by whether they seem positive or negative, but look for the truth in things. You may be feeling negativity coming up in you and that’d be a good thing if it’s because of a purge of everything that isn’t aligned or healed in you. Likewise, something may feel positive but would in fact be a bad thing because it’s not authentic. What doesn’t contain authenticity is like leaving meat or milk out in room temperature ; a day or so may not reveal any difference but the stench will let you know soon that bacteria is thriving up in there! Evil thrives in the absence of truth and that’s the real measure of what’s good or bad.

Also, if you’re going through a period where all these old emotions and issues and anxiety or depression keep coming up, don’t despair. It’s actually a sign that you’re having a wave of light move through you and before you can feel the light it has to push out the junk and blockages in its way. So while it may seem bad it’s actually a very good sign because any movement and stirring indicates rapid growth. These things are like driftwood that are pushed forth by the motion of the waves and can be a sign of the tide coming in or a storm brewing.

Clearing these driftwood is extremely essential because they block the new and good from coming in. So if we want to evolve and receive a different life we cannot bypass finding closure in the life we’ve led thus far. Your life is interconnected, not compartmentalized. And you want to be whole (horizontal reach ), not perfect (vertical aim).

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