Off the deep end

I’m sad that it’s gotten to a point where saying the obvious truth to someone so absurd and bizarre as Kanye is hailed as heroism. I’m sad because it’s evident that there’s been a major disconnect between what we as a collective feel about the things that play out and what is clarified and resolved by talking about whatever affects people. I think the rift started morphing out of control during the recession and the time after that. That’s what created the need for Trump. People don’t talk about the cause and effects of things, they like to atomize things so that they don’t have to be culpable in their faulty perceptions. When the world stopped for many who lost their jobs, pensions, insurance, mortgage, houses, their cars repossessed, etc., yet not only were their plight not sufficiently acknowledged, it wasn’t resolved nor were the criminal bankers EVER so much as scolded. In fact they were given TRILLIONS in bailouts while the civilians were punished with the consequences. Obama did that. Don’t you forget and don’t you underestimate what happens when a shadow gets repressed long enough. It becomes a monster and it swells with the anger and projections and frustrations that would have been resolved if they caught a whiff of consciousness through being accepted by those in power, Obama and his government. Trump was Obama’s shadow ; everything he pushed under the rug and hid behind a huge grin, it didn’t go anywhere.

Just as the so-called mumble rappers and these corny caricatures in hip-pop are shadow manifestations of the OGs who didn’t honour and uphold the codes of hiphop. They sold out to manufactured beef and killing rivals and doing everything for a check. Those who survived the death of Pac and Biggie and Eazy E, et al, they were a different breed. Hiphop’s spirit died with Aaliyah. That was the last of it.

What am I on about? What I’m on about is, do not fucking lose the connection of things! You find the connection, and you find the root to things. You find the root and you’ve found closure. You’re out of there. Healed. Gone. Why elect to wallow in pointless speculation and rants that neither heals nor clarifies? You do realize that YOU’RE part of the problem in that case? Adding to the pollution because you’re secretly relieved that the world reflects back to you some of the chaos and insanity you’ve been courting and so you relax knowing you’re not alone in your misery. I see people sadistically pleased and turned on by enumerating everything that has gone wrong:

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